Turning Towards Leadership

Before you lose the weight. Before you get the promotion. Before you get the raise, find love, become a parent, launch the business, go back to school. BEFORE all that there is a turn that happens. It’s not a 90% sharp turn filled with adrenaline and high-pitched screams. It’s a small, tiny, don’t even have to turn the wheel that much, curve in the road. No one on the bus or in the car even comments, everything on the outside appears the same. Since you are in the driver seat and have a different vantage point, only you see the tiny turn coming and you easily reposition your hand on the wheel. It’s a change only you know about. You are different.

When we admire people because of their outward success, fame, well-behaved children, red-hot marriages (yes, they exist), the sale of their gazillion dollar company, their fancy degree, the letters they have after their title, we forget that years prior, some time waaaayyyyy back, they made a turn. They felt something change inside them long before the outward change that we all see. Were they scared? Heck yeah! Did they have moments of doubt? For sure. Did they lose sleep, lose their temper, forget to brush their teeth? Probably.

But they did it. They adjusted the wheel when they saw the turn up ahead. They might have been afraid of the turn, but they were more afraid not to make the turn. They accepted the fear, insecurity, doubt, and bad breath, and leaned in anyway. They had to know what was around that corner. What you admire in them, what makes you follow them, listen to them, and learn from them is inside you too. If you are feeling that the old worn out path isn’t working, I know it’s uncomfortable….but let’s be honest, it’s a little exciting too, isn’t it?

It’s not too late to be the leader of your life. There’s no age limit, no expiration date, no retirement benefit. You can lead your life at age 10 and you can lead your life at 110. Being a leader in your life takes practice and creating the habit. All leadership starts with making that first, tiny, not-so-scarey, shift. Release your grip on the wheel, just a little. I promise, you are not handing over the drivers seat. The boat, bus, car, train, plane or hang glider you’re on needs you to just make a small adjustment on the flight plan or road map.

What is one, tiny, microscopic shift you can make today, right now, that seems ridiculously easy, but is just a centimeter closer to what you truly want? Do that. Now. Today.