TurningPoint Launching

TurningPoint Launching

17 OCT 2013



I recently had a trusted colleague call me out on some of my self-talk. I was referring to TurningPoint as “launching” and he said, “You need to stop saying you are launching. TurningPoint is already launched. It’s already a thriving, successful company.”

He’s right. And he’s wrong.

TurningPoint is successful and I am already “doing it”. The company is no longer in its infancy.

But the truth is I will always be launching. For me TurningPoint is a living, breathing, growing entity. It’s more than a company name or revenue stream. It’s an extension of me. It’s my watermark on the world.

I will always crave the launch. The creating, the building, the crafting, the discussing, and the eventual releasing. Developing products, programs, learning tools, partnerships, writing, and speaking are my version of “play”. Every single time I press “send” or “publish” or speak to a crowd, it’s a mini-launch towards finding my voice and claiming who I am. Every time I say “yes” to growing TurningPoint, I am catapulting myself off a cliff. Sometimes the landing is soft as a pillow. Ahhh, that was nice. Sometimes it’s a hard thump that I need to recover from. Ooof. That’s gonna leave a mark.

Today is another launch. It’s a big one. Two decades in the making. This launch is a bit like being caught up at a rock concert. I’ve been called up on stage for my favorite song and I can’t believe my luck. Why me? This is amazing! How did I get here?

It’s time to jump into the mosh pit and have people catch me. As I look down into the pit, ready to free fall, there is fear, excitement, nerves and distractions. What if they drop me? What if I look like an idiot? What if I don’t jump high enough or far enough? What if I can’t get up?

But then I squint my eyes, look down into the pit. Even though it’s dark, my eyes begin to focus, and there you all are. My family. My tribe. Old friends. New friends. Friends I have yet to meet. You’re smiling, cheering, jumping with arms linked together to catch me. “C’mon Diane, you can do it!”

I close my eyes. Listen to the music. And leap….

TurningPoint Launch includes:

· New website!
· Welcome Video!
· New blog!
· New program, The Shift Series 6 part video-based coaching series
· Still to come: Leadership Series (L4L) 6 part video-based coaching series & a weekly Mastermind Group to help you LOVE what you do.
· TurningPoint Lounge: a place on facebook to lounge around, get inspired and build a community think tank and get support.

The nice thing about you catching me is that I get to catch you right back. Thanks for being my safety net, for cheering me on with emails, letters, hugs, texts, and encouragement. No matter how hard or soft the landing, I know I am in the arena with some pretty spectacular people.