Today I felt like quitting.

Maybe the coaching thing is just a scam.

Maybe my dreams are too big.

The learning curve is too steep.

I am impatient. Greedy. Pushing to hard for things that maybe I am not meant to have.

And then this in my “In box”:

I just recently found myself on an emotional roller coaster.  Having left my all-consuming career in public accounting two years ago, I threw all of my extra time and energy into my family in some attempt to make up for lost time.  My oldest son and I had a relationship closer than most talking daily and doing outdoor activities together on the weekends.  Fast forward a year, my oldest son has gone off to college and has fallen in love for the first-time, and I found myself completely unnecessary and from my perspective ignored. 

Every moment of this past summer spent with my son was tense and full of anger and frustration.  I missed him and the relationship we had before the girlfriend.  Four weeks before, my son left for his second year of college, I called Diane to help me gain perspective and control of my emotional roller coaster.  She was able to help me see the root of my anger and frustration.  She called me out, when I starting making excuses and helped me see “myself” again. 

Just prior to my son’s leaving for school she facilitated a meeting between the two of us which gave us the opportunity to gain a better understanding of how the other felt and our relationship was able to begin the healing process.  I have been able to give my life more balance and have allowed myself to put myself first.  I’m not healed, but I now have the tools to give myself perspective and move forward in a positive direction.  Diane is personable, professional and was able to help me get results.  I am confident Diane can help anyone who is willing to be honest with themselves and do the work.

I may feel like quitting everyday, several times a day, but I am not a quitter. There is a subtle, very powerful difference between the two. 

 Don’t quit. Just begin again. I am here.

Live with intention. Do what you love.

Coach D.