Go Platinum

Most of us have heard of “The Golden Rule”. It states, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Sounds great, makes sense, keeps us all civilized and in order. 

So how come so many wonderful, emotionally intelligent, brilliant people are still stuck in conflict, stressed out, feeling under-appreciated, under-achieving and angry? “The Golden Rule” quite simply, is flawed. At the core of “The Golden Rule” is the premise that everyone wants to be treated the exact same way you want to be treated. However well meaning and unintentional, the message you are sending is, “I care more about what’s important to me than what’s important to you.” It is like buying someone a gift because you want it. Wow. Aren’t we having delusions of grandeur.

The Platinum Rule is the #1 secret weapon in both life and business.

 “Do unto others as they want to be done to.”

 To do this requires connecting with others and learning what they really want, rather than what you want to provide them. This rule is at the heart of my business. I study and listen to my clients, learn their language, their values, what brings a sense of purpose for them. Without fail, they lead me to ask powerful questions that allow them to “correct course” and reach their full potential. What I provide is exemplary listening, acknowledgment and care. The results are extraordinary. Just like the people I work with.

 “Live With Intention. Do What You Love.”