Find Your Lessons

It’s not that your behind, multi-taking, juggling, balancing, teetering, or catering. It’s that you are not listening. Really listening. There are short, quick, powerful, life-altering lessons everywhere. Lessons so easy, their like raindrops falling effortlessly around you. You’re not missing work deadlines, your kid’s concert, date night, or the laundry piling up. You are missing the lesson.

I find myself laughing every day. I cannot believe I didn’t see these lessons before. It happened again this morning. I went to my usual workout. It was fantastic. I went up to the instructor on my way out and she was having a conversation with a few other students. While I was waiting my turn, one classmate was teasing the instructor about a story she shared. It sort of went from teasing to criticizing. I jumped in trying to get away from the negative energy and said, “Hey Christie, I just wanted to let you know today’s class was amazing, and a large part of that was you. You really are the best instructor.” She said thanks, that it meant a lot, especially today. We chatted a bit and as I went to leave, the other student moved in again to continue her teasing. Her last remark was, “Aww, you know, I’m just giving you shit.”

There it is! Another short, sweet life lesson. We have a choice. We can give shit, or we can give the beauty of a much needed compliment. Which will it be?

Challenge yourself to listen. Pause; take in anything and everything, actively looking for the lesson. Dial down the outside, “lights and sirens” noise that always gets attention. Look for the quieter, softer, lessons being taught. Most of the time it is so simple it is laughable.

Less Work. More Life.