A Few (more) of My Favorite Things

Bullies: They strengthen my resolve and force me to stick up for myself and others. I love a chance to be a hero, whether it is in my own life or someone else’s.

Over-worked: A partner who works long, crazy hours: It allows me to provide for my family and realize how competent I am.

Loss: letting go of people, places, things, and trusting that there is now room for something beautiful.

Death: a chance to grieve, lean on those who love me, and appreciate the life around me in a new way.

Sadness: it is my body’s way of telling me I must slow down, hibernate, reach for help, refuel, and enjoy being taken care of for awhile.

Quitting: when coaching is not a match, clients are moving towards something that is a better fit, and I am so happy for that.

Fear: Always based on the past or attempting to project into the future. Fear very rarely is based in the current moment. When fear creeps in, it is a wonderful reminder that I am either re-living past stories or trying to predict the future. Both take me away from living in the “now”. Thanks for the reminder fear!

Hatred: Anytime I feel something close to hatred, when I look inward, I find it is a chance for me to be the change I want to see. Hatred lights a beautiful fire in me to take positive action and be a change-agent rather than a complaining “hater”.

Jealousy/Envy: My favorite…jealousy is like a “GPS” for where I want to go. If I feel a smidge of jealousy come on, I always ask myself, “Is it true?” If the answer is, “yes.” Then I have been given an amazing gift…the knowledge and vision of what I want to strive for! If the answer is “not really”, then I can drop the weight of jealousy off my back and do a little happy dance that I am content.

Think of just one area you would like to see improvement on, your career, your marriage, a relationship, physical health, mental health. Write it down. Can you see this challenge as an opportunity? As a gift? Have you been avoiding this challenge in the hopes of being rescued from having to deal with it? Are you waiting for a convenient time work it out? Hoping it will just get better on its own? Or worse, do you believe that you just have to accept not being fully happy? Are you waiting for someone to tell you it’s your turn to take care of yourself and your life? 

No one is going to give you a turn. You have to take it. Your time is now.

Less Work. More Life.