A Few of My Favorite Things

I have a confession to make. I love feeling jealous.  

The greatest turning point for me was in realizing that there are no negative or stressful feelings…it’s our attachments or resistance to the feelings that add stress and fear. The statement, “I shouldn’t feel jealous.” Is that true? In my experience it’s the denial of a feeling that causes heartache, depression, and self-criticism. Don’t believe me? Stick around.

When I feel a ting of jealousy come on, I smile, take a deep breath and let it wash over me. Jealousy is giving me a direct, clear map towards where I want to go. I ask myself, “Is that true?” Either answer is lovely. If it’s “yes”, cool, I’ve got new knowledge of what I want to strive for. If it’s “no”, I can release jealousy and envy, knowing I am content. Letting go never felt so good.

When I slam the door in jealousy’s face, it continues to knock, ring the door bell, and sometimes egg my house in a relentless attempt to impart it’s lesson. Jealousy has a purpose, or it wouldn’t exist. It’s purpose is to show me my greatest dreams, my “best self” or show me, “nah, I’m cool as is”. When I choose to deny or reject jealousy, my choices are slim. I either become house-bound in my misery and continue to “play small” in my life and bury my dreams, or I let it in for a big, raucous fight. Believe me, jealousy is a stubborn old bat, and it stays and lingers and festers until it’s message is received. Get ready for a long, slow, bloody battle.

When I invite jealousy in and possibly offer it a cup of coffee, it stays for a short chat and soon goes on it’s way over to the Jones’ house.  After it imparts it’s teaching, my life is expanded, my dreams and goals have been shown to me in a crystal clear way. No blood shed. No time or emotion wasted.

Thank you jealousy (and envy too). You are great teachers in letting me know where I want to be or that I already have “it” and needed a new sense of gratitude.Next time jealousy visits, don’t fight it, see what it is trying to tell you. I guarantee you will be amazed with the lessons learned.