The TurningPoint Blog! My intention is that this blog be a place to land to get a fresh perspective, get un-stuck and get out of your own way. I am not a professional blogger or writer, so this might not be perfect, but it will be fun, challenging and 200% me. I have developed my own coaching model that helps me work powerfully and successfully with clients. Here it is!

Threshold. You may be afraid to make changes, but you are more afraid not to. Establishing what this threshold is, what is working and what isn’t is essential in creating forward movement in our alliance. This essential component of establishing the turning point requires powerful listening, questioning and clarifying on my part. You must feel completely heard and completely accepted and safe in this first phase of joining together. 

Understanding strengths is the second phase. I encourage and support you in building a solid foundation of knowing yourself better than anyone else does. This step not only requires you to list and discuss your strengths, but to internalize and acknowledge those strengths as undeniable truths of who you are.

Restructuring obligations vs. commitments. Step three is the power tool component of TurningPoint. This is where you begin to look at your life and discuss areas that feel like an obligation or duty and areas that you feel you are committed to and see value in. You take an honest look at the relationships and activities that add energy and joy and those that drain energy and deplete your life. 

N. The nurturing phase of the model involves discovering what re-fuels you. Rediscovering playfulness, relaxation, and entertainment and implementing times when the you can look forward to enjoying those activities. This step clarifies for the client the direct relationship between serving ourselves so that we may better serve the “others” in our lives. 

Inviting change is usually the challenging part of the model. You have at this point established how you reached your threshold, built a foundation of strengths, streamlined your life into things you are committed to, and discovered what brings you joy and refuels your soul. Now it is time to invite the changes you have created and implement them. This is typically where panic sets in and a bit of challenging needs to occur on my part. Reminding you that you have worked hard to create a blueprint of the life you want and you have a solid foundation is helpful.

Negotiating pitfalls. Discussing “what ifs” and possible pit-falls is a way of easing the anxiety of taking action. Often you can gain a more empowering perspective if you have reflected on what could go “wrong” and visualize how you would overcome pitfalls or setbacks should they arise. 

G “Get out of your own way!” This reminds you that much of being stuck is in your own head. At the heart of the TurningPoint Coaching Model is that you have all the answers and skills for success.

Less Work. More Life.