The #1 Thing you Need to Get Where you Want to Go

Remember when you were in middle school and you had to run an errand in between classes? Sometimes you would be walking the empty halls and a hall monitor would pull you aside and ask, “Do you have a permission slip young man/lady?”

Even at a young age we are taught you can’t just roam around without permission. I see that carried out in adult lives too. It comes in all forms. Whether it’s starting your own business, taking a real vacation, or choosing not to jump through hoops, we often adopt the perspective of needing permission first.  

According to one Gallop poll, 70% of workers are reportedly disengaged at work. That concerns me. It should concern you. People who are not engaged at work, unfocused, too busy and totally exhausted are the same people who are parents, wives, husbands and friends. You don’t get to just be disengaged at work. It carries over into your personal life and relationships.We are walking the halls of our lives, heads down, waiting for permission.  As adults we must reach a place of granting ourselves permission. Here are some things I have given myself permission for:

•    Permission to take a day off unplugged.
•    Permission to not write, blog, or be on social media.
•    Permission to desire something that might disrupt others schedules or needs. And asking for it.
•    Permission to do things in a way that is not typically done. 
•    Permission to say no to a networking event and go to bed 2 hours earlier. So sweet.
•    Permission to take something people have made very complicated, and simplify it.
•    Permission to just TRY.
•    Permission to take a nap.
•    Permission to end a relationship that was not healthy for me. And permission to grieve that.
•    Permission to ask for help.
•    Permission to have needs.

Guess what? You can give yourself permission too. Find a piece of paper and write on it "permission slip". Hand it out to anyone who seems to think they know what is best for you or wants to make their agenda your agenda. Give to someone who lost their slip. There are lots of those people, so make sure you have enough copies made.  Just kindly show them your permission slip. You are allowed. You have permission.

And I don’t want to see you walking the halls of your life without it.

How would your business and life be different if you gave yourself permission?