Think Your Cut Out For Leadership? Ask Yourself These Questions Before Taking The Leap

Becoming a leader isn’t easy. It requires a lot of patience. It requires building trust. Earning the trust of those around you, and trusting yourself. Leadership requires being honest with yourself and your organization, even when the truth hurts. If you are interested in choosing to lead your life and your work, see if you can answer these key questions before taking the leap.

Four Questions all Potential Leaders Should Ask Themselves

1. Do You Like To Be Praised?

If there is anything that is common among great leaders, it is the fact they have what it takes to do things that need to be done. Even if it entails doing something that frustrates or disappoints their team, the leader is up for it. We often see the “highlight reel” of leadership…the awards, the title, the fancy car and it looks appealing. Much of leadership can be lonely. Leadership can not be based on being liked or praised. Leaders have to stay focused on what is the right decision, regardless of the kudos or criticism they receive.

2. Do the Details Make You Doze Off?

All leadership demands the balance of looking at the broad picture and immersing yourself in details. If caring about execution, having critical conversations, evaluating and looking over data, discussing fine points of progress make you want to scream, you may miss huge complications that can affect the team.

3. Do You Get Butterflies In Your Stomach When The Time Comes To Speak In Meetings?

Nerves are ok. It just means you care. Leadership can be soft-spoken and quiet, but people can’t follow you and trust you if you can’t share with them your vision, your passion, and your ability to execute.

Leadership doesn’t have to be loud, boisterous, lengthy speeches, but it does have to be clear and impactful. You can find your voice on your terms, but leaders have to speak.

4. Do You Think That Too Much Empathy Is A Bad Thing?

Successful leaders have to sometimes make harsh decisions, make decisions that may seem unfair. It is also important to understand that they do it for the betterment of their company and their team.

Leaders choose to make decisions based on what is best for the team, rather than what would be popular.

So, these are some of the most important questions you can ask yourself if you want to become a leader.

Remember with power comes responsibility. Are you ready for it?