Leadership 02

In our increasingly complicated world, we need time to do less and less in order to truly lead. We find ourselves, being a drill sergeant at home at our kids, becoming a gun-slinger in meetings, and colleagues with our spouses.

We need leaders who can cultivate calmness and stillness. We need to learn that anxiety and stress don’t lead to better production, more joy or even more money. Developing a practice of being mindful, being “anxiety aware” is key to setting the example that so many people (children are people to!) are craving.

Try this simple narrative. I have it tape recorded in my phone. I simply put in my ear buds, listen to my own calm voice for the 2 minutes it takes, and it resets my mind towards remaining calm, being thoughtful and staying present.

“Breathing in, I realize that at this moment, there is nothing I can do to make reality anything but what it is.

Breathing out, I allow everything in the world to be as it is, because I cannot change this moment.

Breathing in, I accept my sorrows. I allow, because I cannot change this in this moment. I allow all of the circumstances to be as they are in this moment. I offer no resistance to the things I cannot change. I lay down the burden of trying to change anything in this moment. I surrender to allowing reality to be as it is.

I will create no more suffering because of my resistance. It’s okay. Allow everything. Accept it, even my non-acceptance. I accept.”