We all want stuff. Sometimes it’s a new car, a beach house, a ski condo, a great relationship, lose weight, get a promotion, live in the “right” neighborhood, or going to the “right” schools. Our family favorite is to win the lottery. It is awesome to dream and plan for things we’d like. Other times wanting is a real drain. When dreaming moves to feeling a sense of never having enough it can lead to resentment and anger.

I was speaking with a friend that I haven’t seen in years. We were trying to summarize the past five years of our lives into a 1 hour lunch. She was discussing a difficult time her husband had in re-locating and changing careers. He wound up taking a significant pay cut and changing his specialty, yet the work was fulfilling and the family was happier than ever. When I asked what had changed in his outlook she said, “He underestimated what he needed to be truly happy.”

Wow. I mean, WOW. That is a profound statement. It’s fun to dream, and want, and save and wait…but are you underestimating what will truly make you happy? Are you caught in a “happiness trap” with a spread sheet listing the components of a happy life?

It might be a lot simpler than you think. It could be morning coffee out on your patio. The smell of spring. Buying yourself a special book. Calling a friend for no reason. Writing a note. A drawer full of clean underwear. Oh. Is that too much sharing?

My point is that maybe, just maybe, true happiness, the kind that comforts your soul and fuels your spirit, has been there all along.

Tell me what makes you truly happy. Be specific.

 Less Work. More Life.