Practice Makes Perfect

Where do put your attention? Your time? Your focus? I guarantee wherever you’re thinking is, that is where your success is. You are 100% successful at what you think about.

If you put your attention on practicing gymnastics 6 hours a week (like my son) you will get great at gymnastics. 

If you practice writing for designated periods of time, you will be a writer. Guaranteed.

If you put all your thoughts, focus and attention on your career. You will get the career you have created.

It is the same for negative thoughts. 

If you practice self-hatred and criticism, you will get good at self-abuse.

If you practice neglecting your marriage or critiquing your partner, you will have the exact relationship you have practiced having.

If you put your focus and attention on avoiding difficult feelings by turning to alcohol and food, you will be 100% successful at drinking and over-eating. Guaranteed.

If you practice negative thinking, you will be 100% successful at appreciating, focusing on, and seeing the negative. I promise you that if you make negative thinking a daily habit, you will be exceptional at it.

I am practicing replacing old, worn out negative thoughts with new, inspiring, gentler thoughts. The negative thoughts still appear, but now I gently discard them and create a new fresh thought that feels uplifting and productive. It is hard work. I have been diligently practicing negative thinking for almost 30 years and have gotten very good at it. I have called it “criticism”, “sarcasm” and many other names, but underneath it all, it was negative thinking. I have a new practice now. I spend every day focusing on it, putting my energy towards it. When trying anything new (tennis, working out, healthier eating) it is an effort, but history has taught me that if I put daily focus on something new, in time it will become a natural part of who I am. 

I guarantee it.

What are you practicing? 
Is it something you want to get better at?

Less Work. More Life.